Love Your Library With a Gift

The Public Library at Tellico Village is unique from almost any other public library.  The library is supported by the non-profit corporation known as the Friends of the Tellico Village Library (FOTVL).  Ownership of the building, the collections, programs, and most of the operating expenses of the library, are the financial responsibility of the Friends.  This unique relationship of support for a public library exists because the library is located in a rural setting, outside of a municipality, and is therefore without resources from a city tax base.

Donations of any size are welcome.  Courtyard Bricks and Giving Tree Leaves are very popular. See the particulars below.

You may download a donation form here and return it to:

Public Library at Tellico Village

300 Irene Lane

Loudon, TN 37774

Courtyard Bricks

An engraved brick is $150 and will be placed in the Mary Ann Bork Courtyard. The bricks may be engraved in honor or memory of a special person or group.

courtyard brickcourtyardgiving tree

Giving Tree Leaves

The Woodworkers of Tellico Village have created a beautiful wood sculpture that graces the foyer of The Public Library at Tellico Village.  Each leaf on the tree symbolizes the financial support to the the library in the form of honoring or memorializing a special person or group.  Leaves are bronze ($500), silver ($750), and gold ($1500)

Neighborhood Challenge

These neighborhoods have met the challenge and have raised $500 for the library. In appreciation of their support  each neighborhood has a bronze leaf on our giving tree. Has your neighborhood met the challenge?

To get started, download the Neighborhood Challenge form.

These neighborhoods are:Challenge Leaf

Kiowa Waypoint Neighborhood

Seminole Wild Bunch

Saligugi Mud Turtle

Coyatee Quakers

Kiyuga Way Chipmonks

Saloli Squirrels

Tanasi Lagoon Townhouses

Bokoshe Belles and  Beaus

Leaving a Legacy

All gifts large and small are important.  You can establish a lasting legacy now or for a future date.  There are several ways of doing this with the most common being through a will. 

Some people leave a specific dollar amount and others leave a percentage of any assets left over after they have provided for the family.  Some people give something they own such as a car, property, or a house.  Others leave life insurance, stock, or another financial investment.  You should consult your own tax and legal counsel for the method of giving that is most appropriate for your own financial situation.

Read more about options to Leaving a Living Legacy to the Public Library at Tellico Village.

Other Ways to Support the Library

Friends of the Library memberships are a major source of income for the library.  Stop by front desk to join or renew today.  To see or download a membership form click here. donates .5% of a purchase to the Friends of the Library.  Be sure to log on at for every Amazon purchase. 

Empty printer cartridges bring in about $100 a month to support the library. Drop your empty cartridges in the green box in the hallway bookcase.