The Public Library at Tellico Village

The Public Library at Tellico Village moved into its new facilities in November of 2012. The  building is 6442 square feet and was designed by Smee-Busby of Knoxville, and constructed by Wilson construction Group LLC, of Athens. The site is located on 1.6 acres of land in rural Loudon County, just outside the borders of the neighboring Tellico Village. The library is named in honor of that  community that began the first library in the area.picture of library

The building is designed to be environmentally friendly and  "LEED" certified . LEED is the acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

The East Tennessee Chapter of the U.S. Building Council  named The Public Library at Tellico Village a winner of The Green Light Award. The ETN-USGBC promotes buildings, communities, and landscapes that are environmentally, socially, and fiscally  responsible. The ceremony on January 20, 2015 honored the library for achieving sustainability in the built environment.

WiFi as well as 13 public computer enable the public to access the internet from anywhere in the facility.

The building is designed to ensure quiet space as well as a social gathering area.

Renting the Facilities

The Mary Ann Bork Courtyard is designed as an event venue and may be used for non library events. This area is covered by a tent. Side curtains available for extra cost.

A conference room is set up with approximately 15 chairs that are comfortably set up around a large, modular, oval conference table which can be broken down into a variety of table configurations. There are 35 matching chairs for theater-style seating upon removal of the tables. The conference room is equipped with ceiling-mounted digital projector, retractable screen, internet connection, telephone, and sound system.

The Computer Room has 13 computers and wall mounted video screen.

To inquire about  availability of these areas contact Becky Haile 865-458-9346

Conference Room/Computer Room:

Monday - Friday  9a.m. - 5p.m.    $25.00 for a 4 hour block  

Monday- Friday   5p.m. - 9 p.m.   $50.00

Weekend and Holidays:  Not Available


Monday-Friday  $150 flat fee*

Weekends and Holidays $200 flat fee*

*Fee includes access to kitchen and bathroom facilities plus tables, chairs, raised platform and podium installed.  Additional equipment may be added for an additional fee as needed:

Public Address System, including 2 wireless microphones  $75.00

Projection Screen $50.00

Tent Side Curtains (6) $100.00    

*Occupancy may not extend past 11:00 p.m.

For more information regarding rental of any of the library's facilities, email  tvlibrary.org@gmail.com

conference room Courtyard computer room tented courtyard