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There will be a charge of $5 per session to help cover the library's cost of the subscription.

Genealogy Classes


Sam Maner, the genealogist who helped President George H.W. Bush trace his roots back to Blount County, teaches several different genealogy classes at The Public Library at Tellico Village. Mr. Maner has over 25 years of experience in genealogy, including working for, serving as historian for Sevier County and registrar for Sons of the Revolution, authoring several publications, and teaching at Pellissippi State. In addition to former President Bush, he has worked with Senator Lamar Alexander and Congressman John Duncan in discovering their ancestral heritage.  Mr. Maner teaches a 2-hour introductory class for beginners on finding genealogy information on the internet.  He also teaches comprehensive introductory and intermediate workshops on: Digging Deep into family History.  There are 4-session courses for $100.  For more information on his class schedule, please call the library at (865) 458-5199

Tellico Village Heritage Project

In 1967 the Tennessee Valley Agency (TVA) began purchasing land along the Little Tennessee River and lower Tellico River to create a reservoir that would be called Tellico Lake. This controversial project forced long time residents from their land. The water of the lake would cover acres of prime river farmland, and cover many historic Native American sites including Chota and Tanasi.

In the 1980's, TVA sold property along the new Tellico Lake to developers, one being Cooper Communities silos at Davis Farmwhich established an unincorporated community of Tellico Village in 1986.

The new residents were eager to maintain the stories of the pre dam residents so the Tellico Village Heritage Project began. Interviews were taken, old pictures acquired, and maps collected.

The Tellico Village Heritage Project records including maps, pictures and interviews are available atThe Public Library at Tellico Village in the local history section. Family names included in these records include, Bacon, Russell, Bowman, Browder, Burton, Davis, Gilbert, Jackson, and Kitrell.

Watch Video of the Tellico Village Heritage Project. Video is slow to download.

Genealogy Links

These are some favorite genealogy research sites.  Most are free.  Some have limited records that are free, but subscriptions are necessary to get access to full records.

Heritage Quest - (US census records) is available for free to library patrons through the Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL) subscription. You can find the TEL shortcut on our public computers and our website.

TN Ancestry (free)

TN State Library and Archives  some census are free but most records require subscription subscription subscription -free trial subscription   National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)   Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center Free    military records  has limited free access complete access requires subscription  newspaper site, requires registration but free  East TN Historical Society 601 Gay St Knoxville